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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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Download Airplane Mod For Minecraft PE and Take Flight Today. Get Ready for Thrilling Aerial Exploration!

What Does the Airplane Mod Do in Minecraft PE?

Minecraft PE doesn’t have many ways to travel, just minecarts and horses with boats. However, using minecarts requires building a whole railroad system.

Boats, on the other hand, can only go in water, and then there are horses, each with their own speed and strength.

There’s also something called elytra, but it doesn’t let you take off like a real airplane. It just lets you glide through the air in Minecraft PE. So, there’s no proper way to fly around.

The Airplane Mod changes all of that. It adds brand new planes and sometimes even helicopters. With these, players can travel long distances in the game without touching the ground.

War Plane mod

This mod includes a fully functional war plane that you can use for various purposes.

Since it’s a wartime vehicle, it can shoot rockets and destroy almost anything in Minecraft PE. This makes it great for hijacking and bombing your friend’s house or a Woodland Mansion.

The best part is that it has unlimited ammo, so you can conquer the world without running out of firepower.

You can even summon this plane in the Nether, which means no more ghasts bothering you in the air.

The developers of this Minecraft PE addon have added some storage space to the plane, so you can carry items with you on your journey. But keep in mind, the storage is small, like a hopper, so choose wisely what you want to take.

However, there’s a catch. This mod replaces chickens with planes, so you won’t find chickens anymore, but you’ll have a fleet of airplanes instead.

To make the plane go, you’ll need snowballs. In Minecraft PE, snowballs serve as its fuel.

In conclusion, players now have an excellent flying vehicle at their disposal in Minecraft PE.