Camera Mod for Minecraft PE

MCPE 1.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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MCPE 1.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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Get the Camera Mod for Minecraft PE: Put in tools that help you keep an eye on things around your house or make your own exciting videos.

Exploring Camera Mod: What Makes It Exciting?

The Camera Mod takes Minecraft PE to a whole new level by adding exciting features. Now, players can shoot real videos and feel like directors in the game.

Additionally, for added security, heroes can install special tracking devices that record everything happening around them. Players can then view these recordings on a dedicated monitor.

Lance Furniture And Security in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, security is crucial for survival, as aggressive mobs can attack at any moment. The Camera Mod comes to the rescue with its innovative tracking devices.

Simply install these devices on any wall, and they will record video of all the activities. You can install up to 20 of these devices, and later, use a special monitor to view the recorded content.

Easily Secure Your Home and Stay Updated

This fantastic update makes it easy to secure your home and stay informed. Start using it now to explore its features and functionalities. Players can also find useful and modern items in the Inventory, such as laptops and coffee machines.

Cinematic Camera Addon

For creative players, the authors have introduced the Cinematic Camera add-on for the Camera Mod. You can use various commands to set points and customize your recording process. Start with the “/function info” command to get detailed instructions on all the features.

Create captivating videos about the world of Minecraft PE, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the incredible creative process. It’s worth noting that this add-on works seamlessly on servers, offering unlimited possibilities for players.

Selfie Camera: Capture Moments in Minecraft PE

The mod introduces two new items: one to start the camera and another to stop it. By clicking on these objects in the game, users can capture selfie videos in Minecraft PE.

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