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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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Download Car Mod for Minecraft PE: Players will have the opportunity to unleash their need for speed with the addition of superfast vehicles!

What does the car mod offer?

For quite some time now, Minecraft PE users have been yearning for new means of transportation beyond horses and boats, which were the only options introduced by Mojang. To address this demand, several mods have been created, offering cars, helicopters, and even tanks. This time, players can enhance their gameplay with a variety of automobiles for traveling and racing.


This Minecraft Bedrock Edition mod introduces the iconic BMW model to the game’s enthusiastic fans. The legendary car brings speed, power, and elegance, guaranteeing that you’ll leave your friends astonished.

Players have the freedom to choose from several color options, allowing them to personalize their iron horse. Moreover, custom skins can also be selected to make the experience even better.

The NFS Special skin injects one of the most recognizable appearances from Need For Speed into Minecraft PE. Fans of the racing game will rejoice as they witness their epic cars speeding through the city streets.

Nissan Skyline

Another straightforward mod promises to introduce a stylish car that significantly boosts your adventures.

This vehicle is designed for high-speed velocity, ensuring swift travel in the game.

Moreover, the Nissan allows you to conveniently store your ever-growing collection of valuable loot. The developers have made sure that you not only experience speed but also have the capacity to carry an abundance of essential items—an invaluable advantage in Minecraft PE.

Furthermore, customization options are available for your vehicle, granting you a wide array of choices. To acquire the car, simply type: /summon r30.

Roleplay Traffic

As the name suggests, this mod allows players to simulate city traffic within Minecraft PE. Whether you aspire to be a police officer or a doctor, specific cars are provided to fulfill your role-playing desires.

For instance, you can utilize the Ambulance automobile to embody your dream of becoming a doctor.

Additionally, traffic cones can be placed strategically to control unwanted traffic effectively.

This mod proves especially useful in bustling server cities filled with various vehicles. MCPE players can even place other players inside the cop car, adding a humorous element to their role-playing adventures.

Utility Vehicles

This mod introduces 13 globally popular cars to Minecraft PE, including:

5 variations of sports sedans
8 trucks

Among the featured models are BMW, Ford, Toyota, Suzuki, and others.

All vehicles in Minecraft PE offer a range of functions, such as opening doors, increasing speed while driving, and realistic sound effects. The developer has paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the cars move realistically with excellent animations.

Enhance your Minecraft PE experience by downloading the Car Mod today and explore the world with style, speed, and a wide range of vehicles at your disposal.