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MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.20.41 for Android
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Get Minecraft PE Gun Mod: Add More Action!If you’re craving more excitement in the game, these add-ons are just right.They bring in lots of new ways to have fun and compete!

What does the Gun mod do in Minecraft Pe?

Wondering about the Gun mod in MCPE? Well, in the regular game, there aren’t many weapons, but some players really want more. Luckily, there are mods for Minecraft PE that add real guns.

World War 2 Weapons Mod

This Gun mod swaps out old items for new weapons. First off, you’ll find a small pistol in your Minecraft PE inventory. Despite its size, it shoots well and is great for survival.

By the way, weapons drop from mobs when they’re defeated. You can’t make them; you have to find them.

You might also spot changes in armor textures and some extra items. The mod even throws in a night vision device, handy for traveling in the dark.

Black Ops weapons Mod

This mod brings 17 different guns into the Minecraft PE world. The Gun mod creators made these guns with awesome animations.

When reloading, you’ll notice a realistic touch. The mod includes rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and other types of weapons. Fun fact: you can wield some in both hands.

Crazy Weapons Mod

According to the developer, this Gun mod for Minecraft PE introduces entirely new guns. Using them makes battles with players and mobs exciting.

Most of the weapons work in unexpected ways. For example, the cookie minigun shoots deadly biscuits.

The Gun mod introduces the Crash Sword, allowing you to jump super high and eliminate enemies when landing. The Rainbow Shotgun creates a dangerous tower of wool.

There’s also the Fly Sword, which sends mobs bouncing into the sky until they fall and usually perish. Players can use the Shadow Guardian Launcher to summon a stranger who defends against attackers.

The quirkiest weapon in the Gun mod is undoubtedly the chicken sword. It summons a kamikaze hen to fall from the sky and explode in MCPE.

Handguns Mod

This Minecraft PE add-on introduces a simple gun to the game: a pistol. Now, the most straightforward weapon is in players’ hands.

Crafting a pistol doesn’t require being rich or a genius. All you need is three Redstones, one gold ingot, and five iron ingots. But, there’s also ammunition to consider. One gunpowder and an iron bar are enough to craft a clip.

Dubstep Guns Mod

It might sound crazy, but this Minecraft PE mod adds a dubstep gun capable of significant destruction. And there are many similar guns.

You can upgrade each type to make it more damaging and dangerous. In total, there are three types of dubstep guns in the game.

Users need to be careful, though; these guns can harm their owners in MCPE.

Black Ops 3 Weapons Mod

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a super popular shooter game, and now you can bring some of that action to Minecraft PE. Get ready for the most destructive and dangerous guns ever.

You’ll find assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, and even launchers. Get ready for an intense experience!