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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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Download a cool helicopter Mod for Minecraft PE and soar through your world with ease.

What is the purpose of the helicopter mod in MCPE?

To start with, most of these mods bring helicopters and other flying machines into the game, giving you plenty of options. Typically, you’ll find an updated creature that looks like a helicopter.

However, thanks to mods, players can solve one of the game’s big issues. Often, we have to travel long distances to reach our second base.

Helicopters or planes can help out with this problem for advanced players.

Helicopter Mod

There are usually two types of these flying metal creatures — military and civilian. Cargo ones exist as well, but you don’t come across them very often.

This time around, for example, you’ll encounter a combat helicopter. It damages anything hostile to the player. Moreover, this machine is quite speedy, so you won’t be running late anymore.

To find one, a player needs to venture down to the Nether and locate some previous blazes. These blazes can be turned into helicopters that you can ride. Luckily, they don’t attack MCPE users.

Helicopter Hunter

Created by ArathNidoGamer, this Minecraft PE mod gives you unlimited opportunities to travel around your world without feeling embarrassed about walking.

It functions almost the same as the previous one. You hop on it and take down your enemies. It’s that simple! This time, though, creepers are replaced by other mobs.

Getting a helicopter in MCPE has never been easier.

The best part is the storage. You can keep your loot inside the plane, which means your adventures can last even longer.

Plane Addon

This Minecraft PE addon is even more significant than the others. It introduces helicopters and airplanes, and of course, players can ride them.

Some of these flying machines have fire attacks. On the other hand, some are more civilian as they can’t attack mobs. However, they have a unique feature: storage on their backs.

MCPE players can quickly store and transport various items.

In conclusion, the lives of fellow Minecrafters have become much more relaxed.

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