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MCPE 1.19.10 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.10 for Android, complete with Xbox Live functionality. Explore improved creatures, block properties, and game fixes, and try out the exciting new features of the spectator mode!

What’s new in Minecraft 1.19.10?

The folks at Mojang Studios have made Minecraft PE 1.19.10, the Wild Update, even better. If you play the game, you’ll notice improvements in how some creatures, blocks, and items behave. There are also some changes in the spectator mode.


Minecraft 1.19.10 introduces some really unique creatures that live in different parts of the game. For example, the Warden is like a guardian that protects dungeons from players and other creatures.

The game developers have tweaked how zombie villagers without a profession behave. They won’t ride in trolleys and boats anymore.

If you choose a high difficulty level, attacking zombies now have a 10% chance of breaking down doors during a raid.

Piglins won’t attack players in Minecraft PE 1.19.10 if they wear golden armor.


One of the glowy sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.19.10, called the catalyst, now lights up when a mob without experience dies nearby. Normally, this block makes sculks grow where mobs die.


The trees in Mangrove swamps get more detailed with each update, and the bugs have been fixed. In Minecraft PE 1.19.10, mangroves won’t change colors anymore. Players might remember this bug from earlier versions.

Now, players can place a dirty mangrove root sideways when needed.

You can use mangrove wood as a new building material, and you can even grow these trees.

Spectator Mode Spectator mode is always evolving and getting more features. In Minecraft 1.19.10, players using Spectator mode can hold objects in both hands.

By the way, users won’t get any special effects during this mode.