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Get Minecraft called “Trails and Tales” for your Android device. It comes with a functional Xbox Live feature, so you can trade with librarians and wandering traders, customize your armor, and enjoy other cool stuff!

Key Features of Minecraft

In the latest Minecraft PE update, the Mojang team has introduced some exciting changes. They’ve added cool trading options, new villages, and fixed a bunch of bugs. Now, players can explore different biomes to find librarians who offer awesome enchantments. You can also dig with brushes and create things from broken pottery shards.

Exploring Villages

If you want to get your hands on great stuff and magical enchantments in Minecraft, you’ll need to visit a librarian in one of the villages. There’s good news for those who like to trade – prices are lower, and you’ll find more items with wandering traders. The kind of enchantment you can get depends on the type of biome you’re in.

To collect all sorts of enchantments, you’ll need to explore all the different biomes. And remember, if you come across villages with no villagers, you can build them yourself.

Meet Sniffer

When you’re wandering around ancient structures in Minecraft PE and you need to plant some seeds, you can count on Sniffer to help you out.

You can even make Sniffer grow from an egg, but you need to create the right conditions by placing the egg on moss.

Customize Your Armor

In the Trails and Tales update, one of the coolest new features is the ability to decorate your armor in Minecraft To get started, you’ll need a Smithing table, which you can either find in a village or craft on your regular crafting table.

If you want some design templates, you might have to do a bit of exploring, and you might come across a structure called Trail Ruins.

Crawling for Survival

In Minecraft PE, your character can now do some fancy moves, including crawling in places they couldn’t before. Crawling makes survival easier and adds a touch of realism to the game’s animations. Sometimes, it even happens automatically, so you don’t have to do anything extra as a player.