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Get the latest Minecraft update for free on your Android device, complete with a functional Xbox Live feature. Explore and collect new blocks made from special materials, perfect for decorating .

What’s New in Minecraft Pe ?

In the latest Minecraft update, the game creators have included cool stuff that will make everyone happy about the upcoming changes.

There are more special blocks now in Minecraft PE Now, players can make and use new types of copper and tuff.

These materials have cool features that make them stand out from all the other things you can find in the game.

Copper Blocks :

In the Minecraft Pocket Edition world, different kinds of copper blocks have shown up. They all work in similar ways but do different things.

Chiseled Copper

You can get these blocks using a stone cutter. To do this, the Minecraft player needs to take two copper plates, and they must be at the same level of rustiness.


A new light source is now available for any room. Players in Minecraft version might see that its light dims when the block gets rusty. To create it, you’ll need Redstone dust, a blaze rod, and 3 copper blocks.


Players can put together a grid using 4 copper blocks. The final thing will be see-through, allowing light to pass through.

In the Minecraft PE update, Hostile mobs won’t appear on this block.

Doors and Trapdoors

These copper blocks are similar to their wooden versions. Over time, they can rust because of the material. You’ll need blocks with the same rust level to make them in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Tuff Blocks :

To make all sorts of new tuff blocks, players in MCPE will need a stone cutter. This includes stairs, walls, slabs, and even chiseled versions.


For those who want to make creating things in Minecraft a bit easier, there’s a new block. The Crafter works with Redstone, letting you use all the cool possibilities of automation.

New Recipes :

The game developers decided to make it easier to get some blocks in Minecraft PE by adding recipes for:

  • Copper blocks, like doors and trapdoors, including chiseled and waxed options;
  • Tuff blocks.