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Get the latest Minecraft update for free on your Android device, complete with a functional Xbox Live feature. Experiment with robust tuff and copper blocks featuring improved textures to craft one-of-a-kind settings!

Minecraft Pe Beta: Exciting Updates Await!

Players are excited about the upcoming changes in Minecraft Beta. The game developers are considering user feedback, and in the experimental mode, the game is more accessible with fewer errors. Notably, textures, including copper and tuff, have undergone improvements.

Copper Blocks in MCPE

Following the introduction of new copper blocks, many players expressed a desire to have them in the game. Minecraft now offers various options for incorporating copper into structures, such as adding copper doors and trapdoors. An interesting feature is the gradual oxidation of copper blocks, turning them green over time.

The developers have not only improved the textures but also introduced crafting recipes for these materials in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Tuff Blocks

In different versions, new tuff blocks have emerged. Minecraft PE allows players to construct durable houses and structures using tuff bricks, which can be crafted with a specific recipe. Similar to copper, tuff blocks also undergo oxidation.

The updated Minecraft version further refines the textures of these blocks.


A notable addition in Minecraft Pocket Edition is the Crafter, a unique item powered by Redstone energy. This serves as an alternative to the traditional crafting table, streamlining the crafting process for players.

Graphics : A Visual Delight!

In Minecraft PE, Mojang developers have refined certain graphic elements. One notable improvement is the accurate display of Armor Trims.