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Minecraft, introduces a host of impressive additions and resolves various issues. Players who haven’t yet tried hanging signs will find them incredibly convenient. Moreover, the inclusion of camels allows players to traverse the expansive world with ease and precision.

New Additions and Enhancements

Minecraft introduces chiseled bookshelves, providing players with a designated place to store and access enchanted books as needed. To keep track of the last book accessed, players can utilize the power of Redstone.

For those who enjoy aquatic adventures, the update brings a bamboo raft with paddles, complete with a chest on board. This fantastic transportation option offers an excellent means to explore the vast rivers and oceans of the virtual world.

Hanging signs are now available, enabling players to display information underneath blocks and on their sides. Crafters can create these useful items using various types of wood. Additionally, the update introduces new bamboo blocks, perfect for constructing impressive houses in MCPE.

Animal Companions

In Minecraft, players can now embark on thrilling journeys across the virtual world on the backs of animals. In the deserts, camels await discovery, providing players with an opportunity to ride these majestic creatures alongside their friends. The camels’ towering stature offers a distinct advantage against enemy mobs, ensuring Steve’s safety during intense battles.

Fresh Skins

To add a touch of personalization, Minecraft PE introduces a collection of new skins. Players who yearn for a change from the familiar Steve and Alex can now assume the role of additional characters. These new skins feature different hair colors and unique outfits, allowing players to stand out in style.

Mob Sounds

A delightful surprise awaits Minecraft users with the addition of a new function—mob sounds. By placing the head of a chosen creature on a note block, players can enjoy the immersive experience of hearing distinct sounds associated with various mobs, including zombies, creepers, and skeletons.

Notable Improvements

In response to player feedback, the developers have addressed several issues with pistons to prevent players from getting stuck inside blocks during gameplay.

Moreover, Minecraft PE introduces a change in controls. Players utilizing the raft will notice the removal of the trivial joystick in the Classic control mode. Furthermore, the update defaults to new touch controls, providing an enhanced and intuitive gaming experience.