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This update introduces exciting new features such as the ability to play sounds using mob heads, ride camels, store books on chiseled shelves, and much more!

What’s New in Minecraft

Mojang Studio has been hard at work on Minecraft, making several bug fixes and improvements to mob behavior. These changes aim to bridge the gap between the Bedrock Edition and Java Edition, providing a more consistent experience for players.

Improved Camels

In past editions, desert-dwelling camels already had many unique features. However, the developers have further enhanced these magnificent creatures in Minecraft One notable improvement is that camels no longer accidentally enter boats.

Players can still saddle camels and embark on exciting rides across the game world. The advantage of these majestic animals is their impressive height, which gives players an edge in combat against enemies.

Interestingly, camels are the first animals in the game world that can accommodate two players at once, allowing for shared adventures.

Chiseled Bookshelf

The introduction of chiseled bookshelves is a valuable addition to any Minecraft PE player’s library. While bookshelves previously served as decorative items, the developers have created a new version of this furniture piece. Now, users can conveniently store up to six books on a single shelf.

To keep track of which books have been taken, players can use a comparator to determine the status of the shelves.

Enhanced Mob Sounds

The ability to play mob sounds using music blocks has brought additional auditory depth to Minecraft Previously, players had to crouch while placing a mob’s head on a block to trigger the sound. However, this requirement has been eliminated, allowing for easier sound manipulation.


Bamboo blocks are versatile construction materials in Minecraft PE, offering a range of creative possibilities. With their unique texture, bamboo blocks can be used to build beautiful houses and decorative elements. Additionally, they are ideal for crafting hanging signs.

Furthermore, bamboo serves as the primary component for crafting a raft, offering players an alternative mode of transportation on water, distinct from the traditional boat.