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Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure in the world of Minecraft with the latest update, version, packed with unique features and a new fascinating mob. Get ready to awaken your inner archaeologist as you delve into the realm of ancient artifacts and exciting excavations.

Archaeology Awakens!

For avid Minecrafters who’ve longed for the chance to discover hidden treasures and employ new tools, your wait is finally over. Minecraft introduces a range of enthralling elements that will fuel your passion for archaeological quests.

Delve into the Depths with Unique Items

In your quest for antiquities, ensure you carry a trusty brush, a crucial tool for any archaeologist in the game. Unearth pottery shards that come in four distinct types, from which you can skillfully craft a beautifully decorated pot. But beware, should the pot meet an unfortunate fate and break, the shards will scatter.

The Enigma of Suspicious Sand

Intriguing and essential, the suspicious sand plays a pivotal role in your treasure-hunting endeavors. Expertly camouflaged as ordinary sand, this block subtly hints at the locations where ancient treasures lie buried. Only those with keen eyes can spot its subtle differences from regular sand. Venture to the Desert pyramid to find this unique sand and discover the secrets it conceals.

Meet the Enigmatic Sniffer

As a delightful addition to the game, the Sniffer, winner of the 2022 vote, takes center stage. Resembling a dinosaur, it seems only fitting that this creature makes its debut alongside the exciting world of archaeology in Minecraft PE Unlike other mobs, the Sniffer cannot be tamed, but don’t worry; it remains friendly to players. Its exceptional talent lies in sniffing out valuable seeds, proving to be an invaluable companion on your archaeological pursuits. Should you wish to foster new Sniffers, employ the torchflower for reproduction.

The Vibrant Torchflower

Apart from aiding in Sniffer reproduction, the torchflower offers even more practical benefits for players. Not only can you extract dye from this vibrant plant, but you can also cultivate it in your garden, adding a touch of beauty to your virtual world.

With the release of Minecraft PE, the realm of archaeology opens up before you, and a thrilling adventure awaits. Unearth ancient artifacts, craft unique items, and befriend the enigmatic Sniffer on your quest for greatness.