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Discover the enchanting world of Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android, featuring a working Xbox Live integration. Embark on a journey to acquire unique artifacts, customize your shields, and explore breathtaking territories!

New and Exciting Features in Minecraft Update

The Trails and Tales update has brought an array of captivating features to the virtual realm of Minecraft. Developed by Mojang, this update introduces a unique opportunity to customize the appearance of shields, allowing players to create personalized armor. Furthermore, numerous blocks and items have received enhanced functionality, elevating the overall gameplay experience.

Embark on Archaeological Expeditions

Engage in thrilling archaeological excavations where you’ll unearth pottery shards in the vast deserts of Minecraft To begin your search, keep an eye out for blocks of suspicious sand, distinguishable by their distinct texture. These blocks conceal ancient treasures beneath their surface. Fortunately, the developers have provided helpful hints that aid players in locating these precious artifacts.

Expanding the Horizons

In the latest update, the world of Minecraft has expanded even further. Not only can players find valuable items in deserts, but they can now explore the new Trail Ruins structure. To enhance your treasure-hunting skills, make use of the newly introduced brush. Additionally, the brushes can now be enchanted with various effects, such as the curse of loss, repair, and inviolability. However, be cautious, as using these enchanted items during block cleaning will gradually reduce their durability.

Revamped Shield Customization

One of the noteworthy additions from the Java edition is now available in the Bedrock version. Players can now craft unique patterns on their shields by connecting them with banners. However, it’s essential to note that this process will consume the banner. To create these intricate shields, players will first need to obtain shields without patterns.

The Sniffer – No Longer Experimental

Previously an experimental mob, the Sniffer has now been officially included in Minecraft Bedrock Players can now obtain the Sniffer egg, which, when placed on Moss and given sufficient time, will hatch into this intriguing creature.

Discover Rare Seeds with the Sniffer’s Help

The Sniffer proves to be a valuable companion for avid gardeners in Minecraft. With its assistance, you can uncover rare seeds that can be effortlessly cultivated on farmland, opening up new possibilities for agriculture and landscaping.