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Get Minecraft called “Trails and Tales” for your Android device. It comes with a functional Xbox Live feature: you can now cultivate torchflowers and pitcher crops, make use of upgraded sculk blocks, and explore the Trail Ruins!

What’s New in Minecraft APK Update?

Wondering what’s different in Minecraft Well, here are the latest improvements and bug fixes that will make Minecraft fans happy. The game developers have carefully considered user feedback and made this edition more stable.

Exploring Structures and Biomes

For those who enjoy hunting for ancient items, check out the Ruins of the Trail. This unique structure has undergone some changes in its generation, making it even more exciting for players. Additionally, you can discover templates for customizing armor in these locations.

Sculk sensors are still handy for detecting vibrations, but now they come in three phases.

Cherry Grove stands out as one of the most beautiful spots in the game. In Minecraft, players can gather fallen tree petals and use them to create dyes.

Meet the Mobs

One of the most unusual creatures in the game world is the Sniffer, a small, brightly colored dinosaur that can help Minecraft PE players find seeds that are easy to plant.

Taming this creature isn’t an option, but you can lure it with torchflower seeds.

The Sniffer can search for items when it’s on land, but if it ends up in the water, it won’t be able to dig.

Exploring New Blocks

Many players are already familiar with how sculk sensors work, but now these blocks have different phases, including active, inactive, and recharge phases, which occur right after the sensor is activated. Minecraft players can utilize these sensors to detect vibrations of various frequencies.

Suspicious sand is a block used in the archaeological excavation process, and players can clean it with a brush. Mojang developers have also introduced suspicious gravel into the game, which may hide valuable artifacts beneath its surface.