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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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Download the “More Ores” mod for Minecraft PE, and you’ll discover fresh shiny rocks to dig up and have fun with.

What Does the More Ores Mod Do in Minecraft Pe ?

Hey there, wondering about the More Ores Mod in Minecraft PE? Well, Minecraft PE is all about mining and crafting, as you can tell from its name. But, many players aren’t quite thrilled with the mining experience it offers.

You see, the game has only a few kinds of ores to mine: iron, gold, coal, diamond, Redstone, and lapis lazuli, along with the new netherite in the latest update. But that doesn’t quite match up to what players expect from a game with “Mine” in its name.

So, some clever and creative content creators decided to add more ores to MCPE.

They’ve come up with lots of new metals for you to dig up and shape into cool stuff.

What Kinds of Ores Are in MCPE Now?

According to the game developers, they’ve thrown in over a dozen new ores into Minecraft PE to make things way more exciting.

And here’s the cool part 鈥 each of these metals can be used to make all sorts of things like weapons, armor, and building blocks. That means there are lots of new items and stuff to build.

For example, you can use alloys to create a special block: just put nine silver bars together to make a silver block.

The recipes for tools haven’t changed, so you can still make a topaz hoe or a brass pickaxe in MCPE.

However, there’s a slight difference when it comes to making swords. You need to arrange your amethysts or adamantanes in a specific way during crafting.

The most powerful weapon you can create is the one made of starsteel, dealing a massive twenty points of damage. The second strongest sword is the adamantine knife, with a power of twelve.

In Minecraft PE, you’ll find a whole bunch of different ores. We haven’t even talked about the aquarium, bronze, cold-iron, ruby, sapphire, and crystal ores yet.

This means you can craft lots of colorful weapons and have a blast battling your friends or those pesky mobs in the game.

All in all, mining in Minecraft PE has become a lot more exciting than it used to be. Enjoy!