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MCPE 0.15.10 - 1.19.81 For Android
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The subway system has been a crucial part of the modern world for a long time. Not only does it help people avoid traffic on the streets, but it also allows them to move quickly to different parts of the city.

Efforts to recreate subway networks in Minecraft PE didn’t take too long. Over a decade after the game’s release, our team found the best map on this topic.

FACT: This location features five “evolution” stages, each one significantly better than the previous.

Underground Train

Your adventure through the mysterious underground railway in Minecraft PE begins in a small room, which may not capture your interest unless you’re the type of player who always reads the author’s posts.

Afterward, you can either exit through the door to the station or climb up to the surface.

Above Ground

Let’s start by discussing what you can discover on the Minecraft PE subway map. First and foremost, you’ll come across intricately designed subway entrances and various hidden surprises left by the creator.

The location’s creator got so creative that they even assigned meanings to colors: a blue bed signifies an entrance, while a brown one indicates an exit.

Interestingly, this level closely mimics modern subway systems, complete with an exit to the street right at the station.

FACT: You’ll find a small ticket machine next to each entrance.

Subterranean Transport

Now, let’s delve back into the underground maps of Minecraft PE. Here, users will encounter exquisitely adorned and well-crafted stations, just like the ones above ground.

Additionally, the journey through the tunnels offers breathtaking sights, including vast forests, picturesque waterfalls in gorges, or even modern concrete tunnels.

Another unique aspect of this location is the distinct design of each part of the route.

By the way, the creator invites players to take a little test and spot all the hidden surprises in a single run.

Frozen Subway

This map for Minecraft PE includes an ice-themed subway. The transportation network consists of a single line with 21 stations, covering a distance of 27.2 kilometers. The subway can be operated by boats, reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h.

Each station boasts its own logo and distinctive sounds. To achieve this, the location files include a special texture mod.