Tank Mod for Minecraft PE

MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.83 for Android
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What’s the Tank Mod’s Purpose in MCPE?

Ever wondered what the Tank Mod does in Minecraft PE? Well, it’s all about causing some serious destruction in the game. While Minecraft PE doesn’t offer many ways to wreak havoc, you can use dynamite or enlist the help of creepers as your little minions, although it can be risky.

But here’s where the fun begins. Some creative minds in the Minecraft community had a fantastic idea: let’s bring new vehicles into the game with the Tank mod. With this mod, you’ll gain incredible destructive power.

However, a word of caution: those tank guns can be quite dangerous, so be careful. Nothing, not even a sturdy wall or a fearsome Enderman, can withstand their firepower in MCPE.

Multiplayer Tanks for Maximum Mayhem

This MCPE modification introduces an array of war machines that are ready to smash through walls, buildings, and maybe even a few bones. These tanks pack a serious punch when it comes to causing damage.

They can effortlessly bust through walls or demolish an entire shack with just one shot. And that’s not all – even living creatures are not safe when these tanks are around. Players might find themselves meeting their maker right after an explosion.

The best part about these colossal war machines? They can carry your stuff, which means you can store your belongings in Minecraft PE while you’re out causing chaos.

In summary, the Tank mod in the Overworld allows players to have a blast with some seriously powerful war machines.

War Tanks for the Military Enthusiasts

For all those players who have always dreamt of military equipment in Minecraft PE, the unique Tank mod brings four transport options to the game. These tanks can help you navigate the world and take on your enemies.


Getting your hands on all the goodies from the Tank mod is a breeze. Just use the /function mwbt command, and you’ll have access to weapons and the tanks themselves in your inventory. However, make sure you’re in creative mode in Minecraft PE before you do this.

You can hop into any of the four tanks and explore the world while causing some serious mayhem.

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