Toolbox Mod for Minecraft PE

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Download the Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE: supercharge your abilities and unlock new possibilities.

What is the Toolbox mod’s purpose in MCPE?

Minecraft PE players have always wanted more than the original game offered. It turns out that the game’s inventory features were quite limited.

That’s why many mod creators joined forces to create something extraordinary. Eventually, they came up with Too Many Items.

This add-on allowed players to expand their storage options. In MCPE, users could conveniently access a sidebar and even control the weather.

However, it wasn’t perfect, so it evolved into Toolbox.

Crafting and Origins According to the mod

Developers aimed to include as much content as possible in Minecraft PE. Ultimately, you gain control over various aspects.

Once you install the add-on, you’ll notice an “M” button on the left side of your screen. This button serves as your command center.

You can access various blocks, adjust the weather, and discover crafting recipes in MCPE.

By the way, it’s now easy to learn how to craft items. Just select what you want, and you’ll get the necessary instructions.

Enchantment and Configuration

This Minecraft PE add-on also enables you to enchant items without an enchantment table or experience points. All you have to do is tap the right button.

You can choose your enchantments and the items you want to enchant. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about experience levels because it’s free.

Moreover, you can customize your world’s settings. You can change the game mode, dimension, and even enable flight.

Players can turn off the hunger system and instantly heal themselves in MCPE.


Furthermore, there’s an option to set a teleportation point in Minecraft PE. It’s a quick and easy process, by the way.

You can create multiple teleportation points, making it effortless to travel between different locations.

In summary, the Toolbox mod is incredibly convenient and useful for Minecraft PE players.