Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE

MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.81 for Android
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MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.81 for Android
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If you’re a Minecraft PE enthusiast, you know that the game lacks truly epic bosses and challenging encounters. Many players have been yearning for something more demanding to test their skills and wits.

The sandbox survival nature of Minecraft PE allows players to get creative by introducing a plethora of new addons and mods. These additions often breathe new life into the game and keep players engaged.

One such brilliant idea that has recently surfaced in the Minecraft PE community is a complete overhaul of the infamous Wither.

The Wither has been a formidable end-game content for a while, but with this new addon, it undergoes a radical transformation.

Characteristics of the Mod

Upon installing this addon, players are in for a treat as they can now summon some of the most intricate and challenging mobs ever encountered in Minecraft PE.

The Wither is no longer a single straightforward boss. Instead, it has been divided into six unique and deadly stages, each progressively harder than the last.

Upon completing a stage, players are granted little time to restock and prepare for the next one, adding to the sense of urgency and excitement.

However, defeating this revamped Wither alone is practically impossible. To stand a chance, you’ll need to team up with your bravest and most robust friends.

Navigating the Stages

As mentioned earlier, this boss is no pushover, and brute force alone won’t get you far. To triumph over the Wither in Minecraft PE, a solid strategy is essential.

To make things even more challenging, the first stage presents a staggering one million heart points. But fear not, as the Wither doesn’t regenerate health over time, allowing you to plan and resupply strategically.

The first four stages might feel somewhat similar, but as you progress, the difficulty ramps up significantly. More lives and increased power await those who dare to continue the battle.

The most awe-inspiring aspect of this mod is the Wither’s shape-changing ability. At some point during the encounter, it morphs into the fearsome Wither Storm, a creature reminiscent of Minecraft: Story Mode.

In its final stage, the Wither Storm becomes massively bulky and seemingly invincible in MCPE, posing a challenge unlike any other.

Bonus Boss – The Ultra Drowned

As if facing the enhanced Wither wasn’t enough, this mod also introduces the Ultra Drowned.

Exclusive to the Chinese version of the game, the Ultra Drowned matches the Wither in terms of danger and difficulty. Brace yourself for an intense battle!

In Conclusion
With the Wither Storm MCPE Mod, Minecraft PE players now have access to two epic and thrillingly perilous bosses that will push their skills and teamwork to the limits.